Tri-bar and 53/39 chainring for this MTB bike.

I know sometimes "Hack or Bodge" is kind of a comedic section of the show, however i'd really like this one to be seen as the hack it is. You see, here in México we're hackers and for some, working on a budget is the only way to go. These situations tend to get us hacks like this one... I was talking to the guy and his main goal was to not get dropped by the "fast guys" of the group rides he attends. He could not afford a Road Bike, so he just got a big 53/39 chainring and hacked the tri-bar. Gotta tell you, he's fast. And as you can imagine, with that fork he's able to go anywhere he wants, no matter how shitty the road may be. I guess it could be a nice gravel bike!

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